Castle Country Kennels
1640 Bishopsbourne Rd  Longford, Tasmania 7301
Castle Country Kennels is located on 7 acres of tranquil farmland offering your pets a holiday away from home.
Enjoy your time away from home knowing that your beloved pet is being cared for by our team of passionate pet lovers. We strive to make every stay enjoyable for everyone, knowing that each pet is an individual with their own personality and needs.
Castle Country Kennels offers comfortable accommodation for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Our range of pens ensure dogs staying with us are matched to their living quarters. Our standard pens provide individual dogs with an internal sleeping area and an outdoor area of the same size. Dogs can then choose either to snooze indoors on the comfortable trampoline beds or laze in the sun (or rain).
We have larger pens for larger pets and a number of smaller pens with carpeted floors to indulge the smaller pets who may be use to an indoor life. Our capacity is regularly 'stretched' especially during holiday periods and early bookings are essential to ensure your pet has a great holiday and you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Satisfied Customers ...

We asked - Why do you keep coming back to Castle Country Kennels?
 "The pens are bigger"
 "Its great that our pet can go both outside or inside any time"
 "The staff are lovely"
 "Great service at a great price"